Friday, October 1, 2010

Vampire Academy Book Review, (VA Re-Read Challenge

I can remember hearing about Vampire Academy and going "Ughh, i bet its just another lame Twilight rip off", and then i saw a friend reading it at school one day and she recommended it to me. She was really forceful so i hired the book to read from the library. I am now forever in debt to my friend for introducing me to this fantastic, mindblowing book series.

This book has got everything that appeals to me in books romance, action, mystery, supernatural and strong characters. Rose's character is so refreshing as she is not the typical dependant, weak complaining girls in most novels. She is so relatable and can takeme into the fantasy of having a life where your popular, good looking, strong and have the hottest guys swooning for you. I loved her from page one, and was inspired by her unbending support for her friend Lissa andher ability to commit to things so strongly. The novel introduced things i dont usually see in my vampire novels, the elemental magic, the different vampire breeds,  but yet still kept in tact the traditional vampire beliefs but making them so much better.

Im a sucker for romance and i love the Rose/Dimitri relationship happening and also the Lissa/Christian relationship emerging. And the only time i dont like rose is the insane jealousy of her getting Dimitri. Im totally in love with the man, he is my perfect guy and i now proudly name myself  'one of the crazy 15 years olds that has a crush on a fictional character' Sexy, Strong, Caring, Unique and so many more things he is the cherry on top for this book that i love.

That's just in general what i got from the book, but the storyline was amazing. I loved the amout of mystery as rose and lissa talk about past events and horrors and sowly what happened 2 or 3 years perviously unwravels and we know the truth. I love the way the book captured my emotions, my hate for that Mia bitch and Jesse, my love for dimitri, my shock from the actions of Natalie and Victor and even my anger that everyone didnt like christian because i thought he was awesome. I reallylike how this book was so realtable, even though it set in acompletely different world than my own (though sometimes i suspect im an unknowing human now and theres a Rose, Lissa, Dimitri, Christian, Victor in a private Academy somewhere) .

So there u have it that my book review forthe first Vampire Academy Installment, written as an entry for the Vampire Academy Re-Read Challenge, by Vampire Book Club. Five More to write now, hope u enjoyed and i hope i was careful enough to not give out any spoilers in this review.

Hope i Win, Eternally Grateful & Happy

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