Saturday, October 2, 2010

Frostbite Book Review, (VA Re-Read Challenge)

The second installment of the vampire academy series, Frostbite was completely amazing, and it was at this point after i read this i quit hiring the books from the library and bought the rest and bought all four books(blood promise just released).

I loved the introduced characters like Adrian and Janine Hathaway. I was so into the mother/daughter relationship whih was resentment and hate rather than the sappy loving mother. It was very different to what i ever read, and i also like how they break down barriers along the novel. As for Adrian, i like him quite alot, a cocky, funny and outgoing. Though he doesnt appeal to me and a romantic, im not into the bad boy, up yourself act. Otherwise i am very happy with the introduced characters.

The storyline in itself was amazing, and i was especially captivated at during the last chapters of the book, involving the Spokane incident, so much so i sat in my bed reading the whole thing tillthe end for a good couple of hours. I loved the holiday theme to this book, and was really into the Rose/Mason relationship. I also liked the way Lissa has started to really take on society and can see that she;ll be force in the next books.

I love the way the book really got me emotional, for example i was rally wanting rose to be caught making out with mason in front of dimitri because i was angry that he was flirting with tasha, because i only want him and rose together and that actually led me to not like tasha like rose did, i was very suprised how the book affected me in that sense. also the 'mason' incident had me boiling my eyes out, iman easy cryer but still, i looked ike a wrecked after i calmed down when he died. the book brought out so many opinions, emotions, and expectations i was really impressed by the end.

And that my review of the main things that made that book great.
Now for shadow kissed....


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