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Spirit Bound - Richelle Mead Book Review (VA Re-Read Challenge) SPOILER ALERT!

Okay, just to clarify today I wrote a super long review for Blood Promise and if anyone is even bothering to read these I don’t want to spoil or go on too much about the book and let you form your own opinions and feelings towards them without letting my passionate emotions influencing you. Again spoiler alert stop reading now because I will talk about major stuff in the book, I don’t want to ruin for anyone. So here I present the final review for the VA Re-Read Challenge, on Spirit Bound an absolute epic book and for the record I insanely love it. But mind after I read Last Sacrifice I will review that one too, to truly round off this truly amazing series.

So Spirit Bound....yep, uhh WOWEE! HOLY LORD! Man was that a good book! Just too firstly state, I forever love Richelle mead for bringing Dimitri back, if I were a straight man, kisses for her XXXX! I had like tears of joy when he came back, but then sad when he was crying, my poor Dimka :( But anyway yes, I would be mad if he were Strigoi any longer.

I’d like to dedicate a paragraph to the characters and just my feelings towards them in the book, Rose as always I love her character my only annoyance is her feelings towards Adrian, no hard feelings but I don’t like when anything gets in the way my Rose and Dimitri forever fantasy. Lissa, respect for her still a bit whiny over Christian but happy when they cleared things up :) and I really hope she gets her rightful position and voice in court. Dimitri, well still maintaining my infatuation with him, again his strigoi self did not tarnish my respect for him and while I’ve heard many complain about his whininess post strigoi I’m not let down I’m proud and happy because this shows me it is the same Dimitri, this is the reaction I expected from him and shows what a strong heart he has, of course I think he too hard on himself but he is so good to the core that’s just how he going to cope. my only annoyance with him was his rejecting rose, but it to be expected as well, always he puts others before himself though not dealing right it’s not much different to when he reacted rose because of the mentor/student romance. Adrian, I have warmed up a great deal more to him in this book though not a infatuation character for me, his romantic and good side really shone in this book and I love how understanding and accepting he was of rose and his unswerving patience, still being a character in the way of my rose Dimitri forever fantasy I will always resent him unfortunately. the final character that I wanted to talk about was Tatania I really didn’t mind her in this book, she proved herself my human and though she passed those unjust laws she had somewhat good intentions and her enduring the pressures of royalty should be noted. I grew to respect her and was actually sad to hear of her death, which is a very intriguing plot in itself.

Then I just want to show my impression of the big plot twists Tarasov, Spirit healing Strigoi, Murder & Illegitimate Child, Dimitri and Rose. The Tarasov prison break was in simplest terms, gobsmacking and super badass. I thought the strategy and action was brilliant and I was consumed right till the end when they finally escaped, I dont really know how to review it in justice so I will leave it at that. Spirit Healing Strigoi, wow it had to happen you can’t just bring that up and not have it true, as I previously mentioned insane happiness came from it and it also opened up the possibilities of what people could do with this new power and I want to see what will happen with that. the whole process with the rescue mission and then Lissa actually staking Dimitri was just downright epic, not justifiable words for it. Tatania murder came as a complete shock to me; I was like whoa slow down! what! why!? I’ve been itching for months now ever since reading the book for the first time, to seeing who's framing rose and why they did it, how Tatania knew about Lissa dad and this mystery half sibling like OMG! I wish books came out sooner! like I can’t go on much about the unknown but still I’m itching like crazy to know what’s going on there! Finally Dimitri and Rose. I refuse to believe it’s over, and I dont anyway. Dimitri being his usual protective self, has always been able to produce lines to tell rose he's not interested, the ability to convince her, and still he needs a bit of time to get over what's happened to him. I’m glad rose is stubborn because her stubbornness will surely get through and they’ll eventually be together! They simply are made for each other and no stupid Adrian, strigoi or guilt will get in the way of that. They love each other rose sure does and Dimitri proves it when he protects her at the cafe. So that that, they're in love! done! finite!

That’s the end of my review and I’m terribly sorry for breaking my promise on not making it so long. So farewell for now, and if the judges actually read these reviews I do hope I win, this would mean so, so much to me. I'll be back with my Last sacrifice review, in less than two months!

-Claudia xoxo

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Blood Promise - Richelle Mead Book Review (VA Re-Read Challenge) SPOILER ALERT!

Blood Promise...well um HOLY MOTHER OF GOD WE HAVE A FAVOURITE! This would be my absolute favourite of the vampire academy series, a.k.a Total Epicness! I think a main reason why this books is so great to me, is we get it experience Epicness in scenes outside the academy, seeing only Lissa life of the Academy was really interesting, and then Russia, wow I want every book to be written in Russia because that’s where the Epicness happens! I sworn to myself I will now visit Baia, on my list of things to do before I die, because no way am I missing out on my Dimitri town. Okay now to review.

Starting with Lissa/Avery/Adrian/Christian/Jill Storyline. Wow. Just to throw it out there, I was so much fonder of Adrian in this book, seeing he true personality when he not trying to impress Rose, really impressed me he truly is a great guy, but saying that I still don’t want him and Rose to end up together in the end, even though its obvious they'll date for a bit. Avery, well I never liked her that much in the first place she likes the Adrian I first met but she didn’t get better. I was so shocked at the twist of her being a spirit user, like shoving Rose out and then tying to kill Lissa just to get more power! And that apparently she did that to her brother too. Lissa annoyed the crap out of me in this book, especially the party. But since it was under "Avery' influence I’ve let it go but during it was annoying. And oh Christian poor Christian, nothing makes me dislike him, though I was angry about the breakup him and Lissa are the equivalent of Rose & Dimitri, perfect for each other. Then the saving Lissa chapters WOW! Some serious magic there! That connection Between Oksana/Rose/Lissa was crazy when I imagined the feeling just wow, oh and points for Lisa’s punch. For that storyline I was really impressed it was very strong, since I believe this to be a very Rose based book.

Rose's Story, Pt 1 Seeking Dimitri.
It was very interesting to read what Rose would think of how to find him, like visiting his homeland
Seeking out Moroi etc. Even the random Strigoi killing was cool, which brought Sydney. I like her a lot,
The alchemy thing is so cool, and I’d really like to see other potions like that one that shrunk the Strigoi, Im very interested in the Alchemist and hope they pop up in more books. it also great to see how Sydney has a clear and understandable resentment to Rose, but how they still manage to get along and in the end become mutual friends. Then the incident when Sydney is taking Rose to Baia and then Rose meets the Strigoi, and how her shadow kissed power is actually a weapon of defence (ghostly distraction) though later she Sonya is an example of the 'Blood Whore' community they live in and how these things happen to the best of people. And its unsafe.

Rose's Story, Pt 2 Baia
I love Dimitri's family from the loving mother, carefree sister and cautious grandmother I would never have to strength to leave that home. It was so sad though when they discovered what had happened to Dimitri and the funeral was lovely, I love how they swapped stories and reminisced. Olena is the perfect mother, I like how
Sonya is representation of the "Blood Whore' community they live in, the reality, and that it happens to the best of people, she may not even been a blood whore maybe just taken advantage by another Moroi. Viktoria I liked a lot, but annoyed me when she resisted Rose trying to save her from the den, and her force which made Rose leave. The Yeva with her predictions, testing Rose, and then taking her to answer. Mark and Oksana, the other bonded people, it was fascinating all the things they knew, like healing the craziness, the and the other abilities that Adrian and Lissa had yet to discover. Then Abe, the mysterious 'mobster' trying to force out rose, I was intrigued by his actions but then made sense when they discovered he was her father, and I was very happy he was caring considering his abandonment.
** Finding Dimitri, I was really impressed with her strategy and was into the strigoi torture.
But when he found her, omg I was in total shock, I was so unexpected and I didn’t expect him so soon.

Rose's Story, Pt 3 the Strigoi Estate & Escape
Well, um wow, never would’ve thought of this in a million years. Dimitri keeping captive Rose, who then in turn becomes a temporary blood, whores, Dimitri wanting to rule over Strigoi, humans in love with strigoi um yeah, whoa! I one of the readers who will not judge Dimitri for any of his actions, he is Strigoi, he takes over memories feelings but now all are cold and selfish and that’s how it was told for the beginning so any faults he made in this book will not affect my opinion of him in any way. Part of me was glad that he still wanted Rose, though he didn’t give her the right words for it. And that brief moment with his genuine care and interest for his family gave me hope for him. Though I was angry at all the biting that happened, I don’t like Rose being weak and pitied her when she figured it out. I can’t retell but I was sucked into that whole thing so much I was glued to the book for hours. then the escape, points to Richelle for most epic escape ever, battling old strong strigoi, having your once loved battle them for you, the maze, attacking from a tree, the ghosts against dimitri, the race to the bridge, and then finally her stabbing Dimitri and those lines "I will always love you" "That’s was what I was supposed to say" had me crying, as I thought Dimitri to be dead.  In all, well EPIC!

The end of the novel, battling for Lissa, rose returns, and then finding out there is a way to bring strigoi back from the dead had me excited and then pissed because Dimitri was dead, but then that letter, oh yes uber happiness, I have a spark of hope and now re-read Spirit Bound, and will review within the next week.


Monday, October 4, 2010

Shadow Kissed - Richelle Mead Book Review (VA Re-Read Challange) SPOILER WARNING!

O-M-G I the way id like to sum up this book but if you wanted words well... Absolutelty Gobsmackingly Amazing, yeah that'd be it. Richelle has continued to wow me, in what I think is my favourite of the Vampire Academy Series. The devolpment and discovery of power for Rose and Lissa is captivating, the Rose/Dimitri relationship taking off has me overjoyed and envious and then the attack of St Vladmirs was shocking, thrilling, heartbreaking and had my glued to the book till the end.

I loved how in this book, the characters are developed so much more and i like the strangthing relationships. I thought the Rose/Christian guarding was a good twist and i was very happy they became reasonably good friends, im completely for Christian getting people off his back. I like how they've made up with Mia, and her new attiude and character  i like and respect her now.  Also finally Rose and Dimitri geting together and i couldnt imagine a more perfect way for how it happened, i was pumped for them going out and being together well at least till the attack ended it. As for the attack, OMG! EPIC! it was brilliant and i was so into the Rose/Christian fighting together, moroi should definetly start fighting, especially fire users! get a fire user team and just go burn down some strigoi, easy!

I was very interested behind the Mason appearences, and really sad Mason was a favourite of mine. It freaked me out a bit aswell especially when rose was bombarded on the plane. I like the way that being shadow-kissed has given Rose powers, especially the nausea proves to be a very good warning.And the therapy was very interesting to read, i got a bit upset when she questioned Rose liking Dimitri but was satisfied,rose set that straight. I like the devolpment between Lissa and Adrian working on spirit, the devolpments theyve made and was shocked in the ability Lissa had when she was torturing Jesse! i like Adrian as a friend but his continual suggestivness with Rose is a bit annoying.

I think the only thing that i didnt like about this book, was Dimitri being turned not that is didnt make the book better, it was a genius twist but man why him i love him! I love him about as much Rose does, maybe more :S and i cried when i thought he was dead i was so angry, and then guiltily overjoyed that he wasnt dead, even though i shouldnt be happy about him being strigoi, at least he lives on...more or less.

This book was amazing and flowed very well, relating to previous books, presenting new interesting ideas, great character development, strong relationships and just purely brilliant

So thats my review of Shadowkissed, now for Blood Promise....

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Frostbite Book Review, (VA Re-Read Challenge)

The second installment of the vampire academy series, Frostbite was completely amazing, and it was at this point after i read this i quit hiring the books from the library and bought the rest and bought all four books(blood promise just released).

I loved the introduced characters like Adrian and Janine Hathaway. I was so into the mother/daughter relationship whih was resentment and hate rather than the sappy loving mother. It was very different to what i ever read, and i also like how they break down barriers along the novel. As for Adrian, i like him quite alot, a cocky, funny and outgoing. Though he doesnt appeal to me and a romantic, im not into the bad boy, up yourself act. Otherwise i am very happy with the introduced characters.

The storyline in itself was amazing, and i was especially captivated at during the last chapters of the book, involving the Spokane incident, so much so i sat in my bed reading the whole thing tillthe end for a good couple of hours. I loved the holiday theme to this book, and was really into the Rose/Mason relationship. I also liked the way Lissa has started to really take on society and can see that she;ll be force in the next books.

I love the way the book really got me emotional, for example i was rally wanting rose to be caught making out with mason in front of dimitri because i was angry that he was flirting with tasha, because i only want him and rose together and that actually led me to not like tasha like rose did, i was very suprised how the book affected me in that sense. also the 'mason' incident had me boiling my eyes out, iman easy cryer but still, i looked ike a wrecked after i calmed down when he died. the book brought out so many opinions, emotions, and expectations i was really impressed by the end.

And that my review of the main things that made that book great.
Now for shadow kissed....


Friday, October 1, 2010

Vampire Academy Book Review, (VA Re-Read Challenge

I can remember hearing about Vampire Academy and going "Ughh, i bet its just another lame Twilight rip off", and then i saw a friend reading it at school one day and she recommended it to me. She was really forceful so i hired the book to read from the library. I am now forever in debt to my friend for introducing me to this fantastic, mindblowing book series.

This book has got everything that appeals to me in books romance, action, mystery, supernatural and strong characters. Rose's character is so refreshing as she is not the typical dependant, weak complaining girls in most novels. She is so relatable and can takeme into the fantasy of having a life where your popular, good looking, strong and have the hottest guys swooning for you. I loved her from page one, and was inspired by her unbending support for her friend Lissa andher ability to commit to things so strongly. The novel introduced things i dont usually see in my vampire novels, the elemental magic, the different vampire breeds,  but yet still kept in tact the traditional vampire beliefs but making them so much better.

Im a sucker for romance and i love the Rose/Dimitri relationship happening and also the Lissa/Christian relationship emerging. And the only time i dont like rose is the insane jealousy of her getting Dimitri. Im totally in love with the man, he is my perfect guy and i now proudly name myself  'one of the crazy 15 years olds that has a crush on a fictional character' Sexy, Strong, Caring, Unique and so many more things he is the cherry on top for this book that i love.

That's just in general what i got from the book, but the storyline was amazing. I loved the amout of mystery as rose and lissa talk about past events and horrors and sowly what happened 2 or 3 years perviously unwravels and we know the truth. I love the way the book captured my emotions, my hate for that Mia bitch and Jesse, my love for dimitri, my shock from the actions of Natalie and Victor and even my anger that everyone didnt like christian because i thought he was awesome. I reallylike how this book was so realtable, even though it set in acompletely different world than my own (though sometimes i suspect im an unknowing human now and theres a Rose, Lissa, Dimitri, Christian, Victor in a private Academy somewhere) .

So there u have it that my book review forthe first Vampire Academy Installment, written as an entry for the Vampire Academy Re-Read Challenge, by Vampire Book Club. Five More to write now, hope u enjoyed and i hope i was careful enough to not give out any spoilers in this review.

Hope i Win, Eternally Grateful & Happy