Monday, October 4, 2010

Shadow Kissed - Richelle Mead Book Review (VA Re-Read Challange) SPOILER WARNING!

O-M-G I the way id like to sum up this book but if you wanted words well... Absolutelty Gobsmackingly Amazing, yeah that'd be it. Richelle has continued to wow me, in what I think is my favourite of the Vampire Academy Series. The devolpment and discovery of power for Rose and Lissa is captivating, the Rose/Dimitri relationship taking off has me overjoyed and envious and then the attack of St Vladmirs was shocking, thrilling, heartbreaking and had my glued to the book till the end.

I loved how in this book, the characters are developed so much more and i like the strangthing relationships. I thought the Rose/Christian guarding was a good twist and i was very happy they became reasonably good friends, im completely for Christian getting people off his back. I like how they've made up with Mia, and her new attiude and character  i like and respect her now.  Also finally Rose and Dimitri geting together and i couldnt imagine a more perfect way for how it happened, i was pumped for them going out and being together well at least till the attack ended it. As for the attack, OMG! EPIC! it was brilliant and i was so into the Rose/Christian fighting together, moroi should definetly start fighting, especially fire users! get a fire user team and just go burn down some strigoi, easy!

I was very interested behind the Mason appearences, and really sad Mason was a favourite of mine. It freaked me out a bit aswell especially when rose was bombarded on the plane. I like the way that being shadow-kissed has given Rose powers, especially the nausea proves to be a very good warning.And the therapy was very interesting to read, i got a bit upset when she questioned Rose liking Dimitri but was satisfied,rose set that straight. I like the devolpment between Lissa and Adrian working on spirit, the devolpments theyve made and was shocked in the ability Lissa had when she was torturing Jesse! i like Adrian as a friend but his continual suggestivness with Rose is a bit annoying.

I think the only thing that i didnt like about this book, was Dimitri being turned not that is didnt make the book better, it was a genius twist but man why him i love him! I love him about as much Rose does, maybe more :S and i cried when i thought he was dead i was so angry, and then guiltily overjoyed that he wasnt dead, even though i shouldnt be happy about him being strigoi, at least he lives on...more or less.

This book was amazing and flowed very well, relating to previous books, presenting new interesting ideas, great character development, strong relationships and just purely brilliant

So thats my review of Shadowkissed, now for Blood Promise....

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