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Spirit Bound - Richelle Mead Book Review (VA Re-Read Challenge) SPOILER ALERT!

Okay, just to clarify today I wrote a super long review for Blood Promise and if anyone is even bothering to read these I don’t want to spoil or go on too much about the book and let you form your own opinions and feelings towards them without letting my passionate emotions influencing you. Again spoiler alert stop reading now because I will talk about major stuff in the book, I don’t want to ruin for anyone. So here I present the final review for the VA Re-Read Challenge, on Spirit Bound an absolute epic book and for the record I insanely love it. But mind after I read Last Sacrifice I will review that one too, to truly round off this truly amazing series.

So Spirit Bound....yep, uhh WOWEE! HOLY LORD! Man was that a good book! Just too firstly state, I forever love Richelle mead for bringing Dimitri back, if I were a straight man, kisses for her XXXX! I had like tears of joy when he came back, but then sad when he was crying, my poor Dimka :( But anyway yes, I would be mad if he were Strigoi any longer.

I’d like to dedicate a paragraph to the characters and just my feelings towards them in the book, Rose as always I love her character my only annoyance is her feelings towards Adrian, no hard feelings but I don’t like when anything gets in the way my Rose and Dimitri forever fantasy. Lissa, respect for her still a bit whiny over Christian but happy when they cleared things up :) and I really hope she gets her rightful position and voice in court. Dimitri, well still maintaining my infatuation with him, again his strigoi self did not tarnish my respect for him and while I’ve heard many complain about his whininess post strigoi I’m not let down I’m proud and happy because this shows me it is the same Dimitri, this is the reaction I expected from him and shows what a strong heart he has, of course I think he too hard on himself but he is so good to the core that’s just how he going to cope. my only annoyance with him was his rejecting rose, but it to be expected as well, always he puts others before himself though not dealing right it’s not much different to when he reacted rose because of the mentor/student romance. Adrian, I have warmed up a great deal more to him in this book though not a infatuation character for me, his romantic and good side really shone in this book and I love how understanding and accepting he was of rose and his unswerving patience, still being a character in the way of my rose Dimitri forever fantasy I will always resent him unfortunately. the final character that I wanted to talk about was Tatania I really didn’t mind her in this book, she proved herself my human and though she passed those unjust laws she had somewhat good intentions and her enduring the pressures of royalty should be noted. I grew to respect her and was actually sad to hear of her death, which is a very intriguing plot in itself.

Then I just want to show my impression of the big plot twists Tarasov, Spirit healing Strigoi, Murder & Illegitimate Child, Dimitri and Rose. The Tarasov prison break was in simplest terms, gobsmacking and super badass. I thought the strategy and action was brilliant and I was consumed right till the end when they finally escaped, I dont really know how to review it in justice so I will leave it at that. Spirit Healing Strigoi, wow it had to happen you can’t just bring that up and not have it true, as I previously mentioned insane happiness came from it and it also opened up the possibilities of what people could do with this new power and I want to see what will happen with that. the whole process with the rescue mission and then Lissa actually staking Dimitri was just downright epic, not justifiable words for it. Tatania murder came as a complete shock to me; I was like whoa slow down! what! why!? I’ve been itching for months now ever since reading the book for the first time, to seeing who's framing rose and why they did it, how Tatania knew about Lissa dad and this mystery half sibling like OMG! I wish books came out sooner! like I can’t go on much about the unknown but still I’m itching like crazy to know what’s going on there! Finally Dimitri and Rose. I refuse to believe it’s over, and I dont anyway. Dimitri being his usual protective self, has always been able to produce lines to tell rose he's not interested, the ability to convince her, and still he needs a bit of time to get over what's happened to him. I’m glad rose is stubborn because her stubbornness will surely get through and they’ll eventually be together! They simply are made for each other and no stupid Adrian, strigoi or guilt will get in the way of that. They love each other rose sure does and Dimitri proves it when he protects her at the cafe. So that that, they're in love! done! finite!

That’s the end of my review and I’m terribly sorry for breaking my promise on not making it so long. So farewell for now, and if the judges actually read these reviews I do hope I win, this would mean so, so much to me. I'll be back with my Last sacrifice review, in less than two months!

-Claudia xoxo

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